Firstborn graduated high school this past June and I’m still in a stupor over it all. The whole year was punctuated with loads of lasts and many firsts, with special senior moments and major college prep. This past weekend we dropped her off at her university dorm and I’m just blinking back tears, shaking my head at how fast time indeed flies. We’re tremendously proud of her for finishing well and excited for her future.

I silently sobbed through her (very touching, very small and personalized) commencement ceremony and reflected back on her Senior year in full… college visits, transcripts, and SATs, being awarded “Best Dressed” at her senior prom and Head Captain of her lacrosse team, Senior Night for basketball, the last Homecoming dance, senior pranks, senior skip days, and parties; her own grad party and a full calendar of her friends’, plus a big senior mission trip to the Dominican Republic. This summer she’s been working like crazy to sock away money and squeezing in as much time as possible with the many friends she’ll miss as she prepares to immerse in university life as a freshman all over again.

Tempus fugit. Often I wish I had a time machine to visit the past. Still, we are exceedingly, abundantly grateful for her full & vibrant childhood, the “bonus” years spent learning at home together, and even these past few months getting her prepared to launch into adulthood. In hindsight I don’t think we blinked at all, but it still seems like just yesterday that this fiery sunbeam was graduating Kindergarten (from the same school), for instance.


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