Year of the Bunny Rabbit (Chinese New Year)

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Lunar New Year came early this year, so on the heels of the Christmas holidays we opted to keep our celebration super simple. I figured decor would be a snap with Easter right around the corner (bunnies everywhere!), but sadly that falls late on the calendar this year and bunnies were surprisingly hard to come by.

Though we didn’t have any “bunnies” from the Chinese zodiac in attendance, we invited our extended family over for dinner and Husband served traditional “long life noodles” in a pho-style (yummy yummy!) broth with all the fixins. For dessert we chopped up some chocolate bunnies.

This is our ninth year observing this holiday from our son’s rich heritage. Next year will be our tenth year celebrating AND the year of the dragon– our son’s year! I expect we’ll go all out and make it the biggest one yet. I’m planning to make it on par with a bar mitzvah or quinceanera.

Each year I thank God for the privilege of being our son’s mama and by extension being a part of a multicultural family. We get to be Chinese, too! By embracing other cultures we learn more about God’s nature as all peoples are made in His image.


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