I was showered by my friends today.

I couldn’t resist saying that.

My Bozeman Besties all convened for a delightful baby shower in celebration of the arrival of our long-awaited Little Brother.


the lovely hosts, the No Book Book Club

Hailing from a family whose older generation strongly advocates a one-shower-per-mother policy, regardless of how many children she has, I felt especially blessed and grateful to have our son honored in this way.

I did have a small baby shower for our youngest daughter soon after her birth (nowadays these are called a “Sip n See”) where her newly coronated Big Sister eagerly opened gifts on her behalf.


Today that same Little Sister fulfilled her very first Big Sister responsibilities: She accompanied me to the party and obligingly opened all of the (amazingly thoughtful and generous) gifts from well-wishers. She loved it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also bring her along to deflect some of the spotlight from myself. (I used to shamelessly adore the spotlight but nowadays it makes me anxious and uncomfortable… perhaps that’s just part of getting older?) She was perfect in this arena and ate up every morsel of attention. I love her.


She’s been waiting to be a Big Sister for a long time now; the toddler who ignored the engaging librarian’s cheerful recitations in order to peek in on each and every baby carrier at the local library’s weekly Storytime; the preschooler who always befriended and looked out for younger kiddos. She’s ready.


East meets West dessert: Panda bear cupcakes & Montana sugar cookies



We are humbled and grateful for the ongoing support of our friends, far & near, who have championed our adoption. Thank you, especially, for the wonderful gift of this afternoon.


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