Simple Pleasures


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In no particular order:

Weekends. Saturday, Sunday. Husband home. Nothing on the calendar.

Hot coffee with freshly whipped cream. (It has been precisely twelve days since my last Starbucks… don’t I get a key-chain, or something?)

Small town parades. Horses and marching bands.
photo 2 (62)

photo 3 (61)

Meandering bike rides.

two wheels, be still my heart

Drive-in movie theaters.

photo 5 (32)
so great for families with noisy/nursing/sleeping babes

Fixing a salad in the backyard.

A country drive without destination.

Ingredients already on hand for a new recipe.

Discovering a new swimming hole.

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photo 2 (63)

photo 3 (62)

A Little Man who has finally unlearned the once necessary habit of propping his own bottle.


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