Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

So much life has happened in the four months since we first laid eyes on our precious Little Man. Four months ago, yesterday.

Though we carefully washed and tucked away the clothing he arrived in on that memorable day, we placed his well-worn shoes in his toy box. Every few weeks he unearths one or both of them, and excitedly runs them over to try on. I wonder how much he remembers…

photo 3 (60)

I’m still processing his recent birthday, in disbelief that he is already two. He’s potty training himself. It’s bananas.


I’m loving these two new shirts of his.

photo 2 (61)
a thoughtful birthday gift from his Oregon chum “I work out– jk I take naps”
photo 1 (63)
“take a hike” (made in Oregon, like myself)

His favorite song is Gangnam Style. His big sisters are helping him perfect his dance moves.

He brings so much joy to our home.

I have a moral obligation to share with you another new-found vehicle of joy: Rather than zipping through the coffee line each morning, I’m brewing espresso in our Keurig and adding a modest generous heap of homemade whipping cream. It’s. the. bomb. I make it with pure, organic vanilla extract and organic cane sugar, the coffee needs nothing else. I permit myself just one cup each morning, and fantasize about the next morning’s cup immediately after finishing the last drop.

I’ve also finally tried my hand at homeade laundry and dishwashing soap, courtesty of Bestie Christy. (recipe hereI love that it saves a ton of cash, and I know exactly what goes into it.

I’m still reeling from Jen Hatmaker‘s revision of Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity, digesting, in earnest, how to implement what I’ve gleaned from the pages.

Another article that recently inspired me was penned by Bestie Elissa, on the near & dear topic of Urban Homesteading.

I related to another friend’s post about her daughter’s birthday cake, here.

Bestie Carly shared tips for hiking with kids recently, which you know I love.

I love what Sensei Tsh Oxenreider has to say here about going gray.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by uber inspiring folk that keep me on my A-game– a great cloud of witnesses, as it were.


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  1. Hi Becky 🙂 Thanks for asking– we previously used the Ecos brand free & clear detergent for laundry available at Costco, and the transition for us has been seamless. Hope that helps!

  2. I am curious how the laundry soap works for Sensitive skin? Right now we use a free and clear soap. Thanks!

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