Spring Reading

Forget Spring cleaning, I’m all about Spring reading.

So long as I remember to tote a book along as I drive carpool to and from the kids’ endless activities, I manage to squeeze in a fair amount of reading within the margins of my busy mom-life. The following are a few recent titles I’ve enjoyed since Spring sprang:

consumed this one in a day and a half then watched the gripping film with the hubs
found this one to be light-hearted and uplifting
juicy celeb memoir, a fun read
challenging and insightful, biblically solid & stretching nonfiction
memoir from modern musical genius of beach boys fame, been listening to old favorites nonstop since enjoying this book
started this classic series with little man at bedtime
for book 2 of the series we procured some fudge to nibble as we read together, obvs
can’t recall where i hear about this one, but i loved it. talked of race, parenting, adoption & more in a
my aunt passed this one along, part of the divergent series (which firstborn is currently reading– I read them a couple summers ago)

Bonus: Sometimes while engrossed in a good book, successfully ignoring the laundry pile, you get that funny sense that someone’s watching you…




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