April Birthday Parade



Birthday season’s officially upon us! In our household, April heralds the start of our fast-yet-furious birthday parade…

…Beginning with my dad’s, which we celebrated at Top Golf, a new favorite pastime even for this non-golfer who throws clubs in rage at the put-put course.

like bowling, batting cages, the driving range, & a video game combined

Then Handsome Husband’s… I woke him promptly at midnight on his birthday by covertly setting an alarm on the Echo– I’m not convinced it blessed him.

we supped at our fave korean bbq in portland with our zany next-door-neighbors (cameron’s not angry, it’s just this thing he does)
young photobomber behind us was stealing husband’s birthday thunder, her parents informed us she’d been wearing her birthday crown for two weeks straight

toasting his buns on this new fire pit
and cooking up dinner on his new hibachi grill
view from a blazer game he attended with his dad & brother

Firstborn turned FOURTEEN and enjoyed a zen-filled spa day with her bestie.

awaiting their massages in the relaxation room
as expected, they were fans of massage– their eyes have been opened

And then we KIND OF surprised her with a simple pizza dinner with family. 

Bonus April birthday belongs to our Seahawks-loving pastor.



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