Sugar High

Yesterday I busted the girls literally fighting over Halloween candy…

FullSizeRender (42)

… so I levied a hefty “mommy tax“, confiscating the remaining Snickers and Milky Ways for use in a Thanksgiving dessert. (see recipe below)


We also pillaged their stash for use as candy organelles on their edible cell model– the girls have started on a new Anatomy & Physiology science curriculum for the year.

cell wall: fruit by the foot; cytoplasm: jello; mitochondria: tootsie rolls; lysosomes: peanut m&m’s; golgi body: twizzlers; endoplasmic reticulum: swedish fish; ribosomes: nerds; centrioles: m&m’s; nucleus: gummi life saver & mento

While we were at it, we made an edible pizza cell for dinner…


cell wall: crust; cytoplasm: marinara; mitochondria: pepperoni; lysosomes: olives; golgi body: pineapple; endoplasmic reticulum: bell pepper; ribosomes: dried basil; centrioles: green onions; nucleus: mushroom

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Other homeschool happenings?

Center Sister saved up recent pet-sitting wages and invested in another mermaid tail, because…

… splash

Little Man is ever an obliging seahorse for her mer-chariot.

Firstborn copied Handsome Husband’s jammies last night, going so far as to turn her tshirt inside out to hide the design on the front.

jammer time

Little Man did the same, swiping my vest and proudly declaring, “I Daddy!

FullSizeRender (31)

Scored this darling faux letterman’s jacket on clearance and can’t even handle the cuteness.

captain of the a team
school mascot

Snicker Apple Salad* recipe:

{introduced by a cousin’s wife, made famous by my much older sister}

Combine 1 package of vanilla pudding (prepared as directed) with 1C whipped cream. Toss with several chopped green apples and candy bars. That’s it. The green apple and chocolate/caramel/peanut combo is amazeballs. Deceptively resembles potato salad on a potluck buffet table, but obviously a treat.

*clearly not a salad


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