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Yesterday, the first flakes of the season arrived to the greater Bozeman area.

By this time, most years, snow is old news. We are delighted it has finally arrived. Ask me how I feel about it come March.

he was angry i wouldn’t let him go commando underneath

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The kiddos romped with neighbor-friends until after dark while I watched from the window, stirring a big pot of homemade chili– fireplace ablaze. When they finally returned, soggy and pink-cheeked, I greeted them with requisite mugs of steamy cocoa to bring them back to temp.

secret ingredient to my veggie-dense snowy day chili: pumpkin. thickens w/o altering flavor and adds a veggie serving #bam

Frankly, it was a relief to get something nutritious into their bellies, as they’re convinced Halloween candy is part of their complete, balanced breakfast.

the state of the fruit bowl

Little Man insists on wearing the sports coat from his Halloween costume on the daily. I think he rocks it.

as i said to husband, “he’s asian, he can wear anything.”

pedi date with firstborn
found the thomas the train bandaids

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Commencing hibernation-mode in three… two… one…


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