Little Man rode another great wave of grief this afternoon, after an abbreviated morning excursion to Shaimann Island to shop for souvenirs. We can all get pretty frustrated at our lack of language skills to understand each other. After trying everything else we could think of, we laid him in his crib where he almost immediately settled down and, soon after, fell asleep.


It’s tragic, heartbreaking, that the quiet isolation of a cold metal crib is what is most familiar, and comforting, to him. We have to constantly remind ourselves that the nurturing consolation we readily offer is what is still new to our sweet boy. I wonder how many hours of his life thus far have been spent inside the confines of a crib.

As a mommy, I want so badly to be his comforter, and make it all better, but realize that it’s God’s job to heal his little heart.

Shaimann Island, we loved the silly little Mister Bean taxi-cab that dropped us off


the girls had their hearts set on traditional Chinese dresses, but when they saw the two-piece options, they were sold– they call them their “Kung Fu outfits”
for dinner we took a cruise down the Pearl River with our travel group, we brought along pizza as an alternative to the chicken feet & duck intestines offered



our guides claimed this is the second tallest building in the world… not sure that’s accurate, but it was still neat to see

Tomorrow the group has our medical examinations and visa photographs completed for our children.


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