Take Me Out to the Ball Game



Little Man is SEVEN and I cannot believe it! He’s up to my shoulders, smart as a whip, sensitive, and silly. Current favorites are: sushi, video games, riding a bike without training wheels, Legos, swimming, Spiderman, and BASEBALL.

To celebrate our little slugger, we hosted a simple ‘night at the ballpark’ for our baseball-loving lad. Little Man’s played two seasons of tball and is gearing up for AA fall-ball soon, but the beauty of baseball is that it’s for EVERYONE, and our extended family (aged 7 to 80) dusted off their sneakers with gusto for this all-american pastime.

signing commemorative game balls for his guests to take home

he requested 7up, since he turned 7 and all

We told our fam to prepare for an epic battle of the sexes and sport red & blue, accordingly. My folks are overacheivers. 

Great Grandma: official mascot/cheerleader. 

Nana looks innocent, but those crafty Canadians are known to steal bases.

thinking about stealing second; thinking about tagging out his sister

Even down several players, the blue team emerged (overwhelmingly) victorious, but I’d say the red team had more sass.


Uncle Luke says, “Not in my house!” catching the pop-fly.

After working up our appetites, Husband grilled ballpark franks and we enjoyed a simple picnic.

easiest birthday dessert ever, was thrilled to spy these recently at Costco

It was a super-fun time for a super-fun boy! Sometimes the simplest celebrations can be the most memorable.

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