“Sleep is good. And books are better.” – George R.R. Martin

Word. And I’ve decided that if George Martin can double his middle initial ‘R’ ala J. R. R. Tolkien, then imma do the same with mine… Henceforth, you can call this nerdy bookworm Mia R. R. White

The following’s a list of my most recent reads, including some I’ve read aloud to the kids (I select those myself, to ensure they receive equal measure of classic & twaddle, and so I also count them towards my own enrichment. They choose their own solo reads.).

My sweet Auntie, the college professor, left The Woman in the Window on my front porch rocker, like a bookish tooth fairy. I promptly devoured it and we have plans to see the upcoming film together in the fall, it should be awesome.

This next one came out of left field– well, actually from my brother-in-law. It sat collecting dust on my nightstand for nearly two years before I cracked the spine and then COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN. I think this might be the best book I’ve read this year. Outside my typical genre, Lights Out would make an incredible movie or short television series.

I read this one on our flights to and from our recent vacation to Prince Edward Island ; from Bob Goff’s introverted wife, Sweet Maria, Love Lives Here is exactly what you’d expect and warmed my soul right up.

Despite conservative backlash, I enjoyed Girl Wash Your Face for what it is: Christian bubblegum– a fun, easy read.

I’m presently reading Louisa May Alcott (of Little Women fame)‘s long-lost, once-banned, posthumous release, A Long Fatal Love Chase

I’m Proud of You is a touching remembrance of the author’s IRL friendship with Mr. Rogers that any child who grew up watching PBS would appreciate. An inspiring model of true friendship here.

Simply Tuesday ‘s a simple Christian nonfiction that compels readers to contemplate the small things that make up our days.

The latest in our year-long foray into all things Anne-with-an-E, Anne of Ingleside shows a heartwarming new side of Anne, former orphan, as a patient and beloved mother blessed with a house full of children.

We were thrilled to learn of an encore of the precocious Vanderbeeker kids, one of our favorite read-alouds from last year. The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden picks right up where the first book left off.

Little Man loved How to Eat Fried Worms, one I recall my fifth-grade teacher reading aloud to our class. Naturally, I procured some gummy worms for him to consume each time the protagonist did. 

I loved this excerpt, reminded me of a homeschool family: 

A new chapter book from one of our favorite picture book authors, Andrea Beaty. Iggy Peck and Ada Twist also make an appearance in Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters

Little Man also loved Judy Blume’s classic, Freckle Juice. I believe I read this in second grade, crazy to think he’ll be starting second grade in the fall.

“I am simply a book drunkard.” – Lucy Maude Montgomery


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