Tardy Throwbacks & Friday Feels



I won’t elaborate presently, but suffice it to say I’m feeling pretty blue of late.

me & grandma, early 80’s

Throwback quote, circa 3 years ago: “Showed our girls the infamous bathtub-falls-through-the-ceiling-scene from The Money Pit tonight in an effort to curtail excessive splashing/pooling of water during bathtime. May have exaggerated a few laws of physics, but I do believe the point was made. #parentingwin #visualaids #godblesstheinternet “

Post Halloween thoughts:

a lovely respite brought to you by: 3 Halloween candy hangovers, Awanas, 1st peppermint mocha of the season, JK Rowling, Neighbor Kathy’s People magazine subscription, OPI’s “grand canyon sunset”, & my handsome, hard-working husband

Rocked the vote on the way to choir today.

he didn’t actually vote, duh– but someday he CAN, and that’s amazing

Finally, a wee truth-nugget, caught on a date-night walk in the spirit of sensei Leslie Knope:


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