Mock United Nations

Would you believe we cooked up another excuse to don costumes this week? squeeee!

a modern French girl, ancient Greek tween, & Chinese dude

Today we hosted a casual international celebration with a few fellow homeschooling families. Each student gave a report on a foreign country of their choosing, sported coordinating traditional garb, and shared a regional food item unique to their selected country. This gave our pupils an opportunity to socialize, compile research for an extra unit study, practice oration, glean fun facts on additional nations from their peers’ presentations, and *bonus* dress up.

flag napkins & plates found on clearance at world market after the summer Olympics. gathered every globe in the house for the easiest décor ever.
greek dolmas for firstborn
french croissants for center sister
chinese lemon chicken for little man

Our kiddos all rocked their presentations, we were proud mamas. Countries in attendance: Mexico, Greece, Israel, China, Spain, Vietnam, France, Japan, Pakistan, and Italy.

I’m sure this comes as no surprise from the mom of a bi-racial, internationally-adoptive family, but I aim to impart a global perspective upon the pint-sized persons in my charge. No human has a say in where they are born, geographically; and none have more or less value in the eyes of the Lord.

He’s got the whole word in his hands!

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