Teen Spirit

It’s happened: Handsome & m’self are now officially parents of a teen. Firstborn turned THIRTEEN this week… it seems like just yesterday we were nervously securing her into a fresh-from-the-box carseat to bring her home from the hospital.

still waiting for husband to build me that time machine…

Since she’s apparently not a teensy infant anymore, and as such not particularly keen on fussy themed parties, she opted instead to celebrate her special day with some homeschool chums at a local ropes & zipline course, then simply share dessert with extended family later that evening.

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is an incredible Christian organization with campuses all over the world. We are fortunate to have one on the outskirts of our city that boasts a great ropes & climbing course, with thrilling ziplines and swings that soar through the towering Oregon conifers.

a tactical, team-building game of “the floor’s lava”

first glimpse of the giant swing
higher than it looks
belaying for their friends

Each of the kids took the big leap (some more enthusiastically than others) and we were moved by their bravery. The volunteer at the top prayed for some of the more hesitant jumpers.


It was a memorable adventure, both physically and mentally challenging. We were happy to support the YWAM ministry and couldn’t help wondering if in a few fleeting years Firstborn might choose to serve alongside them.

tied in some simple store-bought cupcakes w/carabiners bought on amazon (click pic for link)

Afterwards, we shared a classic Costco cake at home with family. We asked for it blank and Firstborn dressed it up with goodies she selected at the craft store. Ain’t no shame in my store-bought game.

We are proud of and grateful for our brave, smart, and lovely Firstborn.


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