Village People

This silly meme is going viral in homeschooling circles:

Frankly, I don’t get it… I love my village. And who doesn’t love The Village People?!*

Last week alone we had two birthdays, a choir concert, two tball games, and a theatre production in addition our regularly scheduled programming… and our village RALLIED. I couldn’t believe how many friends came out on a week-night to geek out with husband for his birthday. Firstborn also had an amazing birthday adventure with loyal pals who always carve out time despite their own full schedules. Knowing her love-language to be quality time, both my mom and dad & step-mom gifted our new teen with lunches and shopping trips sans siblings for her birthday; husband’s sister, her auntie/doppelgånger, whisked her off for ice cream and gifted her with movie tickets for future one-on-one time.

I’m not Supermom. I can’t do it alone. My kids have an attentive, involved father -my better-half– but we still are simply outnumbered and not at all omnipresent. My sister and I swap kids and vehicles like train conductors, strategically bussing our gaggle of six hither and yon ad nauseam in attempt to make their lives magical.

Our kids are at tender, formative ages where they especially benefit from the circle of strong women and men surrounding them– a true village. We’re grateful to God for the supportive family, church, and friends He’s placed alongside us, ever-present and cheering from the sidelines, to raise up these stinkers. We are villagers; we are village people.

* I get it, the meme’s talking about society at large being the village; I’d counter that if this makes you queasy then simply assemble your own village– or join mine. 🙂

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