The Breakfast Club

I’m emptying my camera roll of the last few months’ homeschool activities– to put a bow on our year, for posterity’s sake…

Our homeschool’s comprised of a Breakfast Club of characters: A jock (Little Man), a rebel (Firstborn), a princess (Center Sister), a brain (Husband), and a basket case (me).


Tidepools & Aquarium with science co-op:

Little League:

CPR class at the library:

Silver Creek Falls day hike:

Oregon Zoo:

Awesome 3000 race:

Apple Pie Day at the capital:


Science co-op:

Legions of library visits:

Field trip to Enchanted Forest:

Youth group Etiquette Night:

Field trip to Bauman Farms:

Field trip to Lan Su Chinese Garden:



Journal highlights:

Baseball is done, choir’s done, theatre’s done, science co-op’s done, writing class is done, dance is done, youth group is done… it’s summer at last and while we do a little bit of schoolin’ year ’round, the bulk of our commitments have wrapped for the season. For the remainder of the summer you can find me in a floatie, reading a book, or working in my garden.

Wrapping up our homeschool year like: 

Thank goodness I was never sent to school, it would have worn off some of the originality. – Beatrix Potter


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