The Last Frontier

For our family’s summer vacation this year we cruised north to the “last frontier” of the US, to tick a new state off our list: Alaska! This year we were blessed to be joined by my folks for our adventuring. We all piled into Firstborn’s car (she has the only vehicle with third-row extra seating) and drove four hours to board in Seattle– no airfare necessary.

Cruising’s designed to make travel more comfortable, accessible, and a little luxurious; our adjacent suites onboard were perfectly appointed and fastidiously tended by gracious staff. Thankfully, having all grown up fishing we handled the swaying of the ship without too much seasickness. The last time we took a cruise the girls were just babies, 9 months and 2 1/2*; I’d nearly forgotten what a pleasant and effortless way it is to travel– particularly with a large group.

Our kids enjoyed more freedom than our usual travels allow since we were on a large, contained vessel. The girls had the run of the ship, Little Man quite a long leash himself, and we felt safe keeping tabs on them all via the helpful cruise app.

My extended family spent many a summer fishing the upper straits of British Columbia, Canada, but this trek took us further north– so it was somewhat familiar but still exciting. Our ports of call were Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait, and Victoria, BC.

A major highlight (and purpose for our trip) was the day spent on the ship snaking through the icebergs punctuating the frigid waters of Glacier Bay. We marveled at the ancient ice-flow and abundant wildlife, shivering from the decks of the boat.

Canada was a fun throwback; we’ve visited Victoria many times over the years en route to our favorite family fishing grounds, but the last time we visited Firstborn was just four months old**.

It was a wonderful trip and I daresay core memories were made. I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to explore His creation and proud of my family of eager, adept adventurers.

***Some nostalgic throwbacks from our last cruise (to Mexico, 2008) and last visit to Victoria (2005):


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