The Long and Winding Road

Yesterday my crazy fam embarked upon yet another great Montana[Wyoming] adventure: The Beartooth Mountain Pass.


After an abbreviated jaunt through the northern margins of Jellystone, we pushed on through to the treacherous and terrifying cliff-side highway.

Open just a few short months of each year, this long and winding road is an exhilarating experience, to say the least. Literally hugging a mountainside, tourists careen atop steep switchbacks affording awe-inspiring scenery. It was a perfectly clear Big Sky day, far from the lingering smoke of nearby forest fires.

This precarious excursion pushed the limits of my fear of heights, but was well worth the panoramic views of still snowy mountaintops, hidden lakes and grassy meadows abundant in wildflowers. Little Man particularly enjoyed the seemingly endless line of bikers, in the area for the 20th Annual Beartooth Rally. I confess, that perilous stretch of pavement made motorcycling (is that a word??) look enticing, even to me. Perhaps after the kids are grown…

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