The Misadventures of Home-Education

Sometimes homeschool isn’t all lollipops and roses, read-alouds and kumbaya…


… Sometimes a routine car-ride requires extra division in the back seat.

… Sometimes compliant completion of copy work requires extra coercion.

… Sometimes it takes three tries to find a suitable film adaptation of Shakespeare’s MacBeth, as the 1970’s rendition turns out to be a Polanski/Hefner collab laden with nudity.

… Sometimes a first-grader can be so unruly that his/her Mommy might temporarily relocate each and every toy from his/her room into Dad/Mom’s for a sabbatical.

… Sometimes you unearth the most peculiar ‘reading goggles’ from the glove box while waiting on your sisters in the car.

… Sometimes it’s a ‘yes’ to Starbuck’s latest garish holiday confection because at least it also contains chia seeds.

…Sometimes you wait two hours for a table at the hottest brunch spot in town, but the hot cocoa is so over-the-top it’s worth it.

… Sometimes you consume 36 french macarons during a sleepover on a school night.


… Sometimes you take your history to-go, and learn about Alfred the Great over street tacos.

… Sometimes your theatre director declares it ‘Clashing Day’ at rehearsal, so you ask your mom for help in an area she’s apparently mastered.

… Sometimes it still feels like fall but Hobby Lobby declares it’s Christmastime.

Sometimes a pupil attempts to hide in plain sight.

But sometimes it actually is kumbaya and rainbows…

… Sometimes your mom gets weepy when you lose your last baby tooth and marks the occasion with a pedicure.

Sometimes it’s lunch w/your cousins at school. 

… Sometimes it is actually rocket science, courtesy of a retired NASA engineer. 

Sometimes it’s a new dance class.

Sometimes it’s kittens and cake…

Sometimes it’s a couple new pets…

Sometimes all it takes is a buck at the dollar store to make the world your oyster. 


Sometimes you sport your own carapace to science co-op when learning about sea turtles.

Sometimes your mom lets you cut bangs.


Sometimes you find the perfect action figure.

Sometimes you get to film a television spot with your theatre troupe. 

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