Battle of the Bands Halloween

For me, Halloween is alllllll about the costumes. I confess I had the girl’s costumes planned and purchased by February. From there we added the others, and though unintentional, a theme emerged– this year’s costuming became a bit of a battle of the bands.

Devo vs. Queen vs. Spice Girls
Freddie Mercury of Queen, our fave– I loved him from first time I heard him sing “Mama Mia, Mama Mia, Mama Mia let me go…” as a child; Little man is also a superfan
dollar store mustache + cousin’s skinny jeans + new tank + sister’s arm band + another cousin’s aviators + suspenders from halloween past* = Ready Freddie
Spice up your life!

Growing up my bedroom walls were PLASTERED with Spice Girls posters– but only because I shared a room with my much older sister. She was obsessed, designated Posh Spice in her own girl squad, and even went to their concert in full regalia.

these outfits were pieced together mostly with Goodwill finds

Devo was a special homage to our dad, it nearly killed us to keep it secret until he pulled up to trick-or-treat with the grandkids.

Whip it good!

These costumes were also thrown together from dollar store & thrifted finds– pumpkin buckets sprayed with a single can of red paint plus a handful of turtle necks that we cut up. (A couple sneaky bandmates simply sported their neck gators with old black tees.)

There were actually a few costume changes, though:

Firstborn reprised the role of Link from Zelda for a church youth group party, with the help of her daddy…


she stitched up a hat from a dollar store tee at a recent sewing class

Turned out so great, and the best part was this:

firstborn 2018; handsome husband 1989

A pair of scaly mer-cousins also attended the church party.

glam squad

And Little Man changed from Freddie to Spidey for a visit to his Great Grandpa’s memory care unit, and then to Pikachu for more warmth whilst trick-or-treating. 

*Throwback suspenders from Halloween 2013, ala Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Plus one more throwback, just because she’s darling.

baby Goose as Cowgirl Jessie, c. 2011

I love dress-up! 

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