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I have this Bestie– she was clearly born in the wrong decade.

Her innate resourcefulness rivals those hailing from the Depression era. She inspires me.

She never throws anything away. I have affectionately dubbed her The Tinker Fairy*, the hammer her signature emoticon.

Besides regularly making her own cheese crackers, dish-washer detergent, and soup noodles from scratch, she has also repaired virtually every stinking appliance in her home with two perfectly manicured hands.

Recently, she needed a red, cap-sleeved leotard for her daughter’s much-anticipated ballet debut. When one wasn’t readily located, she didn’t fret: She bought a traditional pink one and dyed it red in her washing machine. Like a Tinker Fairy Boss.

Hers is the number I first dial when I’ve got a household quandary, and it was the first recipient of tonight’s photo brag.

Witness, my girls’ Halloween costumes:

FullSizeRender (8)

Can’t figure it out? Stay tuned for the reveal, come November. But do know that all other necessary costuming was pillaged found in our own closets and <clue> garage.

I mentioned here how Husband isn’t really a fan of this holiday (but he is a fan of me!), so he was thrilled that The Tinker Fairy has taught me a thing or two. Since I have yet to locate a powder blue tuxedo in 2T, I’ll likely be doing a little shopping- or tinkering– yet for Little Man.

*if you don’t understand this reference, then you’re watching far fewer Disney flicks than me, you lucky duck.



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  1. Thanks Libbe! To clarify, each item is for a separate costume for a separate girl. They don’t go together 😉

  2. The blog update looks nice! Yes, I know all about Tinkerbell and fairies. Hm…what could you be making??

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