coffeetalkCall me Linda Richman*, but every time we turn around these days there seems to be more great news.

Today has been no exception. I’m verklempt.

Just as we were beginning to catch our breath from all the excitement of our Give1Save1 feature, Show Hope grant and receipt of our Article 5, we got word that we were awarded another adoption grant from Families Outreach. (I actually assumed it was a rejection letter, encased in an understated envelope amongst the junk mail this afternoon.) 

It reminds me the trip I won to New York City a year ago last fall, where I was overwhelmed with blessing after blessing upon arrival. Besides the trip itself and the glamorous red-carpet treatment, there was the generous swag bag that greeted me in my swanky hotel room. A cash prize was handed to me once I got checked in, for spending money. Later, after being wined and dined and hob-knobbing with Food Network celebrities, I won a top-of-the-line LG dishwasher. Would you believe that after all that they inexplicably doubled the cash prize and presented me with tickets to yet another exclusive event? I could hardly keep up with it all and felt blown away by the numerous lavish, unmerited blessings. I was thankful to be there with a friend from our church family who, when I teared up suddenly in between hailing taxi-cabs and touring the likes of Tiffany & Co. and the Empire State Building, stopped and just praised God with me.

Just like in New York, if you asked me today what I think of it all, I’d have to say “like buttah”.

Talk amongst yourselves…

*Linda Richman was a reoccuring Saturday Night Live character portrayed by Mike Meyers in the early nineties. Husband always said the character reminded him, uncannily, of my own maternal grandmother, with her east-coast accent and affinity for jewels, pumps, and Barbara Streisand. 


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