Warming A House: 8 Great Gift Ideas


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I’m talking about what I know and love again today– brace yourselves!

Even though I prefer to host birthday parties sans the customary gift exchange, I love, love, love giving meaningful gifts…

Having purchased countless house-warming gifts for clients during my professional years as a Realtor, I have gobs of experience in selecting simple, thoughtful items to welcome someone into their new abode.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Welcome Mat. Even if they already have a favorite for the front door, most homes have several additional entrances that warrant a doormat.

And I don’t know about you, but I rarely move a used doormat to a new house. Yuck! New house, new dirt. 

True story: I’ve probably purchased two hundred welcome mats in my thirty-some years.

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2) Live Plant. The first house I ever listed had a gorgeous purple clematis that the home-owners had spent years painstakingly training to climb the fence gate. Since it logically stayed when they moved, I bought them a replacement to plant in the yard of their new house.

Another fun plant to gift is a Meyer Lemon Tree (more of a shrub), which works great for those without a yard as they tend to do best indoors.

Blueberry, Rose, or Hydrangea bushes are also great options, and always well received.

3) Tea Towels. Can one ever really have too many fun tea towels? I dare say one cannot. Unique, witty, or whimsical ones are ideal as gifts. Etsy is my favorite source for ones like below.


4) Regional Gift Basket. If ever my clients had moved to Oregon from out of state, a Made In Oregon gift basket filled with local faire was my go-to gift.

When my aunt recently came to visit our family in Montana, she generously brought along one of those very baskets filled with many of our Oregon favorites.


Another dear friend thoughtfully brought treats native to her area around Flathead Lake when she first visited our new house, this past spring.

5) Dinner. My old boss delivered a full spread to our family on moving day, and what a blessing that was. We were on autopilot and our poor kids were starving. Don’t forget utensils, plates, drinks, and condiments, in case they are still packed away in boxes when you visit.

6) Baked Goods. I tease our former neighbor that both her Love Language and spiritual gifting is in making and gifting pies. I’m pretty sure she could fashion a pie even from pinecones that would win awards. Cookies, brownies, pies, whatever– you had me at flour, sugar, and butter.

7) Cleaning Products. Hear me out, this is a great one! Most people have just exhausted their entire arsenal of cleaning products upon moving out of their former digs. Another sweet friend effectively rekindled my love affair for Mrs. Meyer’s products when she brought over a pair of bottles shortly after we moved. Tie raffia around anything and it’s instantly a darling gift.

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8) Custom Sign. A favorite quote or Bible verse, or a family “established in” sign is a welcome addition to most homes. (This is best for those you know well.) Again, Etsy is a terrific resource for such customized signs to adorn the walls of loved ones.

Obviously, these ideas are just that– ideas. If you have a special talent (I do not) like my old neighbor Jill, then use that. (She gifted our family a print from her inspiring collection of photography from nearby Yellowstone National Park.)

The key: Don’t overdo it. Keep it simple, don’t make it awkward. You need not break the bank on a house-warming gift, these ideas are mostly practical and inexpensive, yet still thoughtful.

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