What (and how) to Read Wednesday

Now that it’s officially summer, Little Man and the next-door cousins are joining in our daily homeschool riffraff… translation: backyard science, field trips, library days, read-alouds, & parties.

We’re presently enjoying The Vanderbeekers of 141st St., our read-aloud time foraying into simple, related activities.

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like floor plan design and study of architecture, namely NYC brownstones
…and a lesson on petitioning– I’m fairly certain my pupils will start collecting signatures for their own cause soon

We also enjoyed a simple Teddy Bear Picnic at a nearby park, bringing along a hefty stack of bear-themed books, our favorite Teddy Bears, and some bearish treats.

“for every bear that ever there was, has gathered there for certain because, today’s the day that teddy bears have their piiiiiiic-nic”

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The twin-cousins also enjoyed a Charlie and Lola Day, because they are, in essence, the real Charlie & Lola (and author Lauren Child is a master).

books, pink milk, the television cartoon version, some guinea pig & dress-up time… (click pic for link)
Charlie & Lola IRL
to be read in your best British accent

Mostly we’re reading on the go– being sure to bring a book along whenever we leave the house and filling up our summer reading log rapidly.

What I’m presently reading, the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, which I also enjoyed recently.

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The Best Books for Kids

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Our favorite books for kids


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