What to Read Wednesday: Summer Camp Edition

Hello Muddah, hello Faddah… We’re dropping the ball as bookworms this week because Firstborn’s away at summer camp. SobIt’s a big deal for all of us– her first time overnight. I’m confident she’s having a blast, enjoying her independence and quality time with a bestie, but it’s still hard for a mama to have a chick so far from the nest.

We’re tremendously proud of her, but it’s just significant and even bittersweet.

Not wanting her to miss out on our family read-alouds, we simply set them aside for the week and have been filling our days with fun activities to level the field a bit for the two non-campers stuck at home.

I picked up a used copy of this Magic Treehouse book for Little Man, because we simply cannot resist anything involving China and/or panda bears.

Center Sister enjoyed What is the Great Barrier Reef?, another from our favorite non-fiction publishers. Do remember my online pals are hosting a fun blog hop on the Who Was? What Was? Where Is? series, which includes my post on Venus & Serena Williams, plus two more I’m contributing in the coming weeks. Another contributor’s actually reviewing this Great Barrier Reef book on the 17th– I’ll be watching for her ideas on related activities!

She’s also moved on to Mockingjay, the third & final book of the Hunger Games series. It’s sensitive material, but she was ready for it… Atypical for us, we had her watch the films first so she was a little more prepared. Like her sister, she’s also growing and maturing before our very eyes and I can’t hardly believe it.

At the advice of my brother-in-law, I started The Art of Racing in the Rain. Told from the perspective of a faithful Golden Retriever, I’m positive I won’t get through this one without a sinus-clearing ugly cry.

What’s everyone else reading this summer? 

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