Who Are Venus & Serena Williams? (book review)

For this week’s installment of What to Read Wednesday, and in conjunction with online pals, I’m reviewing a recent addition to our home library from our favorite modern historians who publish the most compelling, concise, & affordable biographies on the market… 

My Learning Table’s Who Was? What Was? Where Is? Blog Series runs from July to September– and is a terrific resource to aid in summer learning. Each day, a member of our team will publish a post featuring one of these terrific biographies with a corresponding activity to further flesh out the education in your home classroom. Here’s the master list & schedule of books to be covered.

I’m a huge fan of these books– I’ve been reading them since second grade in the 1980’s! True stories and biographies can be a tremendous source of inspiration to young readers… After all, literary heroes need not only be fictional. Here’s who we learned about recently:

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Center Sister received a copy of Who Are Venus & Serena Williams? as a birthday gift in June. From the vast library of the Who Was/Is library I selected the powerhouse sister duo because they are modern-day legends and world-class athletes who represent much more than merely their tennis accomplishments.

Venus & Serena are pillars of unapologetic female strength, undisputed champions whose names are synonymous with teamwork and triumph. As a mom of two “best friend sisters” I especially appreciate that the pair perform at their peak when either partnered together in a couples game or facing off as rival opponents. Clearly, they bring out the best in each other– what exemplary role models!

love that pop

For me, it’s not merely about sports… I’m fixin’ to raise up strong, ambitious women who set goals for themselves and then work diligently to achieve them. I aim to empower my daughters, so they know that the sky’s the limit, no matter what naysayers might tell them. And I pray they always prioritize their love for each other.

Naturally, we took to the court after our inspiring read with renewed vigor for our favorite sport. I love that tennis is a game for all ages and all skill levels; that it’s mostly free to play, with courts in most city parks.

Our girls have been playing tennis since they were tiny, but I learned as an adult. Even if you’ve never picked up a racket, in the spirit of Venus & Serena I would encourage anyone give it a swing.

throwback to when they were tiny



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