Winter Term

Puxatony Phil did indeed spy his groundhoggish shadow yesterday, so there are to be six more weeks of winter, officially. We’ve already had a full and fun winter term of homeschool… the following’s a photo compilation of recent shenanigans, for posterity’s sake.

Juicing the final apple haul from much older Sister’s orchard.

My girls can now officially out-shop me and I’ve resorted intermittent breaks on the husband bench.

Visiting the resplendent and enigmatic King Tut exhibit in Portland.

Schoolin’ on the go, between dental appointments. 

Forgot his shoes and promptly lost another tooth during a recent choir rehearsal. #thisissix 

No room for this nerdy mom at the cool kids’ table. #middleschool
Impromptu entomology: I was glad I brought the kids along to show property on MLK day when we discovered a bevy of hibernating ladybugs on a nature walk.

Waited up and checked out the lunar eclipse. 

Saw a local, high school production of Grease with pals. 

Husband purchased a drone, which has made for much adventuring.

Both girls competed in a regional spelling bee, Firstborn got second place!

After a rigorous audition, Firstborn was thrilled to be cast as ‘Annette’ in a local production of Annie.

First cast read-through of the script. 

Working on another, top-secret project.

Plus more random bits and bobs:

Even though they drive me nuts and give me gray hair, I’m crazy about these kiddos and so grateful for the privilege of homeschooling together.