Year of the Pig (Chinese New Year)

Xin nian kuai le! For the first time in our six years of celebrating the occasion, we didn’t cook or clean for Chinese New Year. Still, we feasted… to ring in the Year of the Pig we hosted a festive family dinner at our favorite local Chinese restaurant and let the professionals do the heavy (culinary) lifting. Though Husband and I both enjoy cooking –Asian cuisine in particular– it was a welcome respite during a particularly busy season. 

As a homeschool project, the kids stuffed pig-themed goodies and hong bao [red envelopes] and crafted fun treats to share with our guests. 

We are so grateful that because of our son we are a multicultural family and that by embracing his vibrant heritage we discover more about our Lord– in whose image every people group was created. By learning about other cultures we observe different facets of God’s likeness. 

Our past Chinese New Year celebrations (click pics for links): 

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