You Ought To Be In Pictures


dress-up & pandora, she fits my old tap shoes
dancing ‘en pointe’ is not easy
playing in the laundry, he did this and cracked himself up
glasses mcgee. also, i’m cutting those leggings into shorts while she sleeps tonight.
“though she be but little she is fierce”
little man helped himself to the potty the other day when he was supposed to be napping, i got to fish out a basketball sized glob (read: entire roll) of toilet tissue from the bowl, lest he clog the septic tank. the girls made the meme. hashtag, countrylife; hashtag, pottytraining
love that they are also bookworms
loved this motorcycle in a helena park

sharing is caring

“mom, check out my truffula tree!” (hashtag, funwithtumbleweeds)
fell asleep eating his blankie
#10 (spelling sentances)
mermaid wasn’t feeling the cut & paste science puzzle
now that our mountains of dirt have been leveled, the neighbors are sharing theirs

she asked if i had any “mermaid pearls”, and then i remembered the necklace her namesake great, great grandma left her
he called this his “mermaid tail!”
couldn’t figure out why i loved this clearance target pillow, until i brought it home to realize it perfectly pulled together everything in our front room
beagley neighbor pup likes organic chia oatmeal… i still might steal him
cut some different dead grasses from the back 40
a throwback, from when goosie was the same age as little man
birkenstocks, they’re back and i need to talk about it. i already phoned a friend (two), so now i’m gonna poll the audience. i love them. friends (and husband) think they’re an abomination. i’m uncertain how much i care…



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  1. I say you wear whatever shoes make you happy!

    Every time I see something mermaid related, I think of your daughter. Pottery Barn Kids has some new mermaid bedding. 🙂

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