Forever Friends



Sometimes you just know it, the familiarity is palpable…

You make a new friend and quickly recognize they’re going to be a life-long Bestie.

This was the case just a few, short years ago with Bestie Kristin.

Coincidentally, it was also the case with our respective firstborns.

I recall the first time I met Kristin, I hijacked the second grade class email list and sent an open invite to all the moms. “I’m new in town, let’s do coffee after drop-off the first day of school?”

She was one of four sweet mamas who joined, and cracked me up when she declared, aghast, “Can you BELIEVE there are women who buy these expensive, fattening coffees every DAY?!” Bear in mind I had just relocated from the PacNW two days prior and WAS/AM one of those women. I’m grateful we quickly realized how much more we actually had in common.

Though she has since moved four hours away, ours has become a cherished friendship that has endured the geographical distance with ease.

she gets me

Our big girls are planning on rooming together in college, and I certainly won’t discourage my second daughter if given the opportunity to marry her son.

They started their homeschool journey at the same time (and with the same trepidation) that we did. They faithfully prayed us through our entire adoption journey. We share the same passion for faith and family, and have openly shared the hard stuff of life.

We truly are peers, enjoying/surviving the same season of life. We were blessed to enjoy a whirlwind visit with them (sans Big Ted, who was holding down the fort) here in their old stomping grounds…





In our haste to squeeze in every last bit of catching up, (and perhaps also due to the fact that during much of our visit we were both clad in swimsuits??) we neglected to snap a photo together.

And aren’t those sometimes the very best visits? The ones where you’re so engrossed in the moment that you forget entirely to document it with photographic evidence?


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