Business is booming for our wee entrepreneurs who seem to have made a name for themselves in the local pet-sitting market. They wrapped up a gig watching two neighbor kitties last week, then started another caring for two more plus a dog this week. An additional guinea pig was dropped off for boarding last night, and several more jobs remain on the books for summer.

marci & sally meet twink
our clever canine pal, lucia

I’d be remiss without mentioning our own country-kitties’ current standings…

Mao: 4 voles, 3 prairie dogs

Garfield: 15 voles, 2 birds

a recent offering, RIP
marie antoinette feeding mealworms to minerva mcgonagall, naturally

Now boasting hands-on experience with countless cats, several dogs, a gaggle of chickens, a few ducks, one lizard, a handful of guinea pigs, three cockatiels, a parakeet, frogs, fish, and tortoises– they seem to have an edge in their industry.

I’m grateful for the diligence and responsibility that honest work is instilling in them, as well as lessons about finances from earning their own money. Thank you, Homeschool, for providing margin enough to embark upon such ventures.


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  1. Aw shucks, thanks! <3

  2. This is fantastic! Way to go girls! They obviously have a fantastic, well-versed, business-minded mama!

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