I’ve been waiting all year for this installment of WTRW… We’re a bi-racial, adoptive, globally-minded family aiming to instill pride in our varied heritage. We incorporate traditions, customs, and celebrations from all corners of the earth into our family framework — Chinese culture certainly not the least of them. As proud mom to a handsome Read More →

One year ago today we were still hibernating from the cold Montana winter, still reeling from the loss of my grandmother, and bracing ourselves for the impending loss of Husband’s grandfather. We’d made a total of six trips west to Oregon in 2016 and my sister had three times come east. I was homesick and Read More →

Today, for this post-Christmas What To Read Wednesday, I’m sharing a small sampling of titles that my family exchanged as Christmas gifts. Perhaps we are Icelandic at heart?  In preparation for the upcoming film, we’re reading aloud A Wrinkle in Time, with it’s legendary opening line: It was a dark and stormy night… Husband found Read More →

Karen Carpenter was right, there’s no place like home for the holidays. This was our first Christmas back in our home state, after five years introverting in Montana. Even more notably, it was Little Man’s very first Christmas with extended family. Christmas caroling at a memory care unit with homeschool pals… Driving through a local Read More →

This week’s official WTRW theme is all about owls, but seeing as how Christmas is right around the corner I decided to be a maverick and go rouge on that topic, instead… … ’cause I just can’t contain the merriment, y’all! Putting a scholastic spin on our festivities, we followed the Swedish custom of honoring Read More →

This week’s WTRW theme is all about Royalty. While I enjoy binging episodes of The Crown or The Tudors as much as the next anglophile, and I’m certainly happy for newly betrothed Prince Harry, the preferred royal in our house is France’s 18th century ill-fated queen bee of decadence, Marie Antoinette. Center Sister has an Read More →

Advent: from the Latin “adventus” (arrival); from “advenire”, ad (to) +venire (come) Ooooooh tannenbaum… I’ve got a December bucket-list a mile long. Husband keeps gently  reminding me we needn’t exhaust every holly-jolly activity our first winter back in Oregon, but I’m not known for restraint. Tree trimmin’: We tromped out into the Oregon rain and Read More →