Alongside some online pals I admire, I’m blogging through the alphabet– this week we’re focused on the letter E. In our homeschool, E is for Energy & Encouragement. I’m not one to mince words IRL, so I’ll also refrain from doing so here on the blog… Here’s a hearty truth-bomb: Homeschooling is HARD. Fruitful? Yes. Read More →

This week Little Man had his annual well-check with his primary-care physician (he remains quite tall for his age & is expected to exceed even his Daddy in height– take that stereotypes!), while the girls & I attended an empowering presentation by a local midwife. Both were timely, as the latest What to Read Wednesday Read More →

In my haste to usher in Fall, I neglected to bid a proper farewell to what was arguably our most exciting, action-packed summer to date… “All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer– one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going– one Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday’s a wee bit tardy, due to our post Halloween sugar crash. Coincidentally, our theme is all about nature— which makes this earth muffin especially giddy, and hesitant to confess just how many fun-size Mounds I’ve stolen from my children in a mere 24 hours.  Center Sister’s spin on nature Read More →

We started planning for Halloween months ago. Our first back in Oregon, we knew we’d be coordinating a group theme with the cousins and spend it with our entire extended family. Since we are unabashed bookworms —and for us the holiday’s more about candy, colorful costumes, and neighbors than any of the spooky stuff— we Read More →

Fret not, Last-Minute Loo’s: Dress-up is my jam and our costume bin overfloweth. The following’s a non-exhaustive, off-the-cuff list of creative costumes that can easily be pulled together from most wardrobes. Librarian: tight bun, big spectacles, drab stuffy blazer, vest or cardi with monochromatic turtleneck sweater, wool skirt, books & ruler Cowboy/girl/rancher: think denim (overalls Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday theme is hobbies. My favorite hobby? Reading! (obvi) Besides, I’m also blogging through the alphabet with online pal Hopkins Homeschool, and this week we’re on the letter B… a / b / c / d / e / f / g / h / i / j / k / l Read More →