Our family has always been an unapologetic co-sleeping family. Cue the gnashing of teeth and tearing of clothes. Say what you will, but our bedside bassinet went largely unused in the infant years with each of our two daughters. Every family has to figure out what works for best them. I won’t judge you if you Read More →

Our firstborn always said “Ganks!”, instead of thanks. We never corrected her, and instead incorporated her version into our everyday jargon. I suspect we’ll still be using it when she is 32, much to her chagrin. Both of our daughters have always been quick to give thanks. I would say it comes naturally to them– Read More →

What on earth would get me out of my cozy bed and into the biting Montana cold [16′ to be exact] at 8:30 on a Saturday Morning? Bärbel Morton Photography, that’s what! Bärbel photographed the families of several of our Best Bozeman Friends (BBF’s) bright and early this morning, against the most picturesque wintry backscape, Read More →

Our son is in an orphanage; in a metal crib, with one blanket, scooted against cold, monochrome tiles, tucked beside a furnace. Yet I’m thankful. I’m thankful for technology– that I was able to connect with another adoptive mother from our agency, who is currently in country picking up her Chinese son from the same Read More →

A colossal, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Valerie Hibler Photography Phab Photo Phundraiser! Valerie[and all who participated]’s generosity has blessed our family tremendously, and contributed significantly towards our in-China expenses. We are sincerely grateful!   Without further ado, here is a video announcing the winner of the photo session and $200 photo Read More →

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing people that God has placed in our path, both here in Montana as well as our home state of Oregon… In the same week, a photog-friend from each state generously offered to donate their services to bless our family’s adoption fund. In Bozeman, Bärbel of Bärbel Morton Photography has Read More →

It’s no secret that I’m a gluttonous, voracious reader. I’m currently devouring five books and always have a rotating queue never less than ten titles long. So many books, so little time. One day I hope to have a den/library with at least one entire wall dedicated to books/bookshelves. In my current season of life, however, I Read More →