52 Weeks With My Bestie

Do you remember your best friend from when you were ten years old?

Of course you do, everyone does…

Incredibly, mine is still a Bestie today– though we live a state apart, her faithful friendship is a true treasure.

We got into heaps of mischief together as youngsters, but came to faith in Christ as young adults and our friendship deepened exponentially. Nowadays, despite geography, we share more than we ever dreamed possible: each homeschooling our respective broods, striving to honor God in the keeping of our homes, loving our exceptionally handsome and brilliant husbands, and more.

highschool in the 90’s
college aged and scotch taping our faces, as one does
my 2001 wedding
Kelsey’s 2005 wedding
our great, big mess of kids last year– bc mommies rarely get pics of themselves

{Darned if I couldn’t find a photo of us in grade school.} 

Imagine my joy when, together with her hubby, she recently decided to embark on her own blog-a-venture! Kelsey & Jason have a wealth of knowledge to share, and do so succinctly at Full Of Days.

In Kelsey’s words: 

I am a wife, a mother, and forever a learner. My husband and I desire to have a life “Full of Days”. This means finding “fullness” in the everyday grind, which encompasses every area of life: motherhood, homeschooling, time-management, cooking, cleaning, and money-saving strategies. I desire to get back to the basics, setting aside short cuts and getting in-tune with the ebbs and flows of the seasons of life. I spend my days homeschooling our three older kiddos (while wrangling our youngest), cooking food the traditional way, and blogging about it all along the way. Join our family as we do our best to live a life Full of Days. 

But seriously, y’all– she encourages me to eat butter, hand-makes deodorant, brews kombucha, cans, bakes bread from scratch (you’ll recall I’m not a baker), whips up homemade nontoxic cleaning products, and spreads God’s love everywhere she goes. Husband followed their recipe for brining a turkey this past weekend, and though I concede I’m prone to exaggeration, it was far and away the best turkey I have ever eaten.

Kelsey is an encourager. She may not have been a cheerleader in high-school, but she was the school mascot. (Which, let’s be honest, is waaaaay better.) She won’t pretend that adopting a traditional lifestyle is effortless, but champions a Biblical perspective wherein one discovers true contentment –even joy– in the mundane labor. She’s the kind of friend who wouldn’t shame me for adding Nestle Quick to my son’s organic whole milk, but humbly and helpfully propose a homemade alternative.

Allllll of this to say… I know Kelsey. She’s the real deal, and you can trust her. Be blessed by her. Subscribe to Full of Days for practical, tried and true tips to make your home a more traditional one. Join me as I follow Kelsey’s 52 weeks of traditional living in the New Year. You won’t be sorry.


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  1. Umm, WOW! No words!!! And that’s why we’re besties!

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