Schoolhouse Rock

In my mind, the greatest perks of home-education are the flexibility and freedom. I’m the boss of this here homeschool! And in the spirit of the new year, we are invoking those claims with a mid-school-year adjustment…

Frankly, we’ve been so busy driving “to town” three days a week to activities that we lack the free, unscripted time to visit the library, the museum, and the sled hill… we’ve become Never-At-Home-Schoolers. Little Man has missed too many naps and spent entirely too much time in a car seat. When actually home, it’s a scramble to complete core studies.

We’re scaling back, for the sake of our sanity. Honestly, balancing one foot in the home-school world and the other in the traditional school world is exhausting… and Exhausted Mommy is simply not the best teacher. I never want to home-school my precious pupils at the expense of our relationship.

outside the school where they take classes. perhaps venting some repressed frustration?
learning on the go
knitting on the go
impromptu lesson at the vet’s office
impromptu lesson with our favorite mail carrier

The girls performed in a Christmas concert, and totally rocked it. Firstborn played her flute and Center Sister sang; Little Man watched attentively while Husband incrementally popped him gingerbread house gumdrops. Mommy cried.

The kids enjoyed another dressup night at Awanas, Bible Character Night. Firstborn was Elijah in “his” fiery chariot, Center Sister was Noah afloat in the ark with critters, Little Man was Daniel with lions.

coating the cypress with pitch, and all that

old man noah hair
daniel’s lions

A quick lesson in anatomy and physiology, the girls learned why we have fluid in our skulls…

protects the brain (egg)
star wars (rey) hair, don’t care

Phys. Ed. at the local hot springs. Mermaids spotted.

Learning about the democratic process by voting on M&M variety.

caps for sale

yogi sister
a’s are his favorite
penning christmas thank-yous

Homeschooling rocks, and I don’t want to blow it. We’re taking a wee Christmas break, then getting back to studies in earnest in 2016 with a new plan for a new year. Honestly, I just pray we get things “right” by the time the kids head to college.


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