A More Perfect Union

There’s nothing like a holiday weekend cohabitating with extended family to insure domestic tranquility and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

my posterity

To celebrate our nation’s 243 years of independence, my mom and her partner booked a vacation rental at the coast and invited their collective offspring to join them in star-spangled allegiance.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness– we broke bread together, hiked together, frolicked in the sand and watched fireworks together.

my mom and her two litters

Lewis[Luke] and Clark[Cameron]

filthy hobbitses

Born a Canadian, Nana might be a loyalist at heart– which I suspect is why she refuses to acknowledge July 4th unless a parade’s involved… Yachats’ La De Da Parade did not disappoint. 

parade participants:

parade spectators:

It was a pretty cute, homespun parade, I must say. 

Scuttling for candy & poppin’ bubbles, patriotic revelry. 

Alongside our fellow countrymen, we spent the remainder of America’s birthday merry-making while our children played in the street. The local fireworks show was outstanding, and our balcony provided an epic front-row vantage.

Ever eager to sneak in a homeschool lesson, we chose a roundabout route home and visited the nearby Sea Lion Caves. Our timing was ideal for observing migrating pinnipeds resting in their rookeries, en route to Alaska from California.

There were several exterior lookouts before the 300 foot descent below the highway to America’s largest sea cave. We were grateful to take the elevator into the bowels of the hidden underground cavern, versus the precarious former stairway. 

All in all, it was a lovely weekend away; equal parts rest and adventure, sunburns & sparklers, tide-pools, trails, and togetherness.

freckles aglow, handy husband fashioned sun-protection from my jacket

A sad farewell to Husband’s drone, who made one final flourish of flight over the Pacific without fanfare. 


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