June Birthday Parade



June’s always a busy birthday-month in our house, rivaled only by April… In addition to marking our anniversary and Father’s Day (we celebrated both in Prince Edward Island), we also have five birthdays in our extended family and several friends we celebrate, as well.

four winds of June birthdays, clockwise from top left: Center Sister, moi, sweet niece, baby brother– we turned 12, 38, 7, & 23, respectively

Husband spoiled me royally on my day, which did soften the blow of imminent old-age a tad. We noshed on donuts with our morning coffee, enjoyed a vibrant Moroccan lunch, spent the afternoon antiquing, and then slipped away for an evening date at the ballpark. The next day we also hiked to a secluded lake to day-camp with my much older sister and fam who live next door.


Center Sister’s birthday at the mall

Sweet Neice’s birthday pool party: 

I pride myself in my gift-giving– even to goofy twenty-somethings. My baby brother and soon-to-be brother-in-law’s silly June birthday gifts.

Thank you, Lord, for another trip around the sun!