Adventing to Christmas

Advent: from the Latin “adventus” (arrival); from “advenire”, ad (to) +venire (come)

Ooooooh tannenbaum… I’ve got a December bucket-list a mile long. Husband keeps gently  reminding me we needn’t exhaust every holly-jolly activity our first winter back in Oregon, but I’m not known for restraint.

Tree trimmin’: We tromped out into the Oregon rain and chopped down a conifer, going against grain this year with a Noble Fir in lieu of a Douglas. (Fun Factoids– Husband was born in Douglas county, on Douglas Street, and both our fathers are named… Douglas.)

wondering Little Man might have a future in the NBA…

Ornaments: Typically we select one for the whole family each year, but this year I got a tad carried away, which seems to be the theme for 2017…

Dorothy Gale, for Firstborn’s breakout theater performance last spring.

Mermaid, commemorating Center Sister’s 10th birthday in Oahu.

and spidey for little man, bc he’s obsessed

We’re adding a new tradition this year– the German pickle! Come Christmas morn’, the first to locate the ornament on the tree gets to pass out presents.

scored this cuke at the dollar tree #winning

Sadly, several of our old relics bit the dust after Husband Clark-Griswolded out of the attic with them in tow.

The kids hosted their tenth annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party— arguably the easiest one on record as we simply invited the cousins next door over on Saint Nicholas Day.

Speaking of Saint Nicholas Day, the following’s how Little Man wanted to dress for school to honor Father Christmas… and how we compromised. He’s got Yuletide cheer in droves. 

Saint Nicholas treats in boots

Ice Skating PE:

Christmas in the Garden, Oregon Garden:

Field-trip to the be-decked halls of Oregon’s state capitol for a cousin’s holiday choir performance:

And the girls’ choir concert:

Finally, a wee smattering of ring-ting-ting-a-ling fruitcake & mistletoe: 

Happy merry-making!

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