Mermaiding in Oahu

Center Sister turned ten last week. In keeping with family custom, she celebrated with a long-anticipated trip with Daddy to a mystery destination. We call it a Lowry Ten, after our friends who started the same tradition with their kids a year before us.

Just like Firstborn’s trip two years ago, Husband & I selected the secret location by giving special consideration to her personality & preferred pastimes– in this case mermaiding.

Tropical paradise seemed an ideal setting for our mermaid, and not a bad locale for Husband to sneak some much-deserved R&R (after months of remodeling our new house, moving the fam from Montana to Washington and then to Oregon, while juggling a demanding 9-5… he was overdue). Though we visited the Big Island of Hawaii when Center Sister was 2, this was her first visit to the island of Oahu…

They hiked to the top of the Diamond Head volcanic crater (I <3 volcanos)…

… and visited the Polynesian Culture Center for a luau and hula dancing.

traditional Japanese breakfast of champions

Bonus: Husband brought me back a new mug for my collection.

Related: Our sweet mer-friends the Colbys gave us this fun house-warming gift.

Mermaid throwback: Big Island, circa 2009

Mermaid, age 4:

Her mermaid alphabet:

Apparently Oahu is the place to be– they ran into my friend Debbie who’s loaning us her goats in hopes of taming the jungle that is our new backyard, and just barely missed our favorite Montana neighbors and favorite Portland cousins. All in all they had a splendid time. It’s good to be ten… and a mermaid.


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