An Irish Holiday

Not that kind of holiday, though a girl can dream. In lieu of an extended tour of the Emerald Isle, my family will settle for a simple St. Patrick’s Day, stateside.

Though a humble, minor holiday, it remains one of my faves to celebrate because:

Bagpipes make me weep.

Red hair and freckles are the dynamic duo of recessive genes.

Corned beef & cabbage is delicious. #fact

I don’t care for beer but I love Guinness floats.

just add vanilla ice cream
jones soda + vanilla ice cream, or ginger ale + lime shebert for the kiddos

Green is gorgeous.

eat your greens

March 17th is often rainy, which reminds me of home [Oregon].

Rainbows are rad…

collaborated on this lovely dessert w my sweet friend, sam: she tediously crafted the fruit cookie & I opened the pack of rolos into the gold mug. so basically we’re even.

… so is gold.

Celtic music is lovely– and especially effective at motivating one to clean house.

Anyone can dance an Irish jig (just ask my much older sister).

Lucky Charms cereal: Disgusting– but my kids love it and I love my kids. They get it but once a year.

Shamrocks are great for teaching about the Trinity.

As are VeggieTales.

The real Saint Patrick was an upright Christian martyr from whom we can glean insight on living fully committed to our faith. ever sneaking in education, because: homeschool

our fave st. patrick book, click pic for link

See how we celebrated last year for additional fun ideas.


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