Irish For a Day

Like Handsome Husband, I have a predominantly German & Scottish heritage; but come March 17, each year, I pretend I’m Irish.

little man does too

I love the color green. I love clover, rainbows, and Gingers. (In first grade I contemplated lighting my hair on fire to turn it red like Belinda Carlisle’s.) Bagpipes make me cry– in a good way. The way they resonate through and envelop my frame knocks the wind out of me, every time.

We celebrate Saint Patrick not only for the merriment and revelry shared in his honor– but also to discuss his great faith in Jesus.


We’re loving this new (to us) book about Saint Patrick, which focuses more on the history and origins of the holiday than the popular folklore.

though we still do love folklore. my kids (and husband) get this only once a year
like saint patrick, we use the shamrock as a symbol of the trinity


wee pot o’ gold


This year, with our corned beef and cabbage simmering snug in a crock-pot of Guinness, we started our day with a field trip to the local, award-winning caramel factory– wearing green, of course.

homeschool pals
fittingly, they were cooking their popular ‘celtic sea salt’ flavor while we toured


We’re home, unwinding now, from our day in town– watching the Veggie Tales story of St. Patrick.

the st. patrick story is the second tale on this dvd

And waiting to dig into our Irish supper when Handsome Husband returns home. We’ll probably pair it with a pint o’ Guinness and lime sherbet floats for the kiddos.

lime sherbet/ginger ale floats. thank you, pinterest.



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