Countdown to Cousin Camp



All my kids can think or talk about is the impending visit from their Oregon cousins (oh, and their parents, hahaha). To say they’re excited is an understatement.

My much older sister’s three kiddos get along with mine like peas and carrots. Save for the youngest two who joined our family later, we used to do life together before we relocated to Montana. We miss them dearly and are grateful for every minute we get to spend together.

honestly, check out this throwback of the oldest three

Accordingly, we’ll be taking the week off and letting the six stinkers run amok– one of the best perks of homeschooling is taking our breaks when it suits us versus when the school district deems it convenient. In the meantime, I’m leveraging the visit for good behavior, positive attitudes, and chore/schoolwork compliance from my pupils.

I expect there’ll be copious consumption of junk food and very little sleep happening (they all bunk up in one room like a tangled litter of puppies). Taking a page out of Bestie Christy’s book, I’ve bought them all matching “camp” t-shirts that I expect they’ll sport every day that they’re together… this should also serve as fair-warning to all our wonderful neighbors: Approach the crew of green-clad leprechauns at your own risk, as I cannot be held responsible for their shenanigans.

just add cousins


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