Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter, and Me {book review}

Gather round, all Kindred Spirits and Bosom Friends, I have something more scrumptious than raspberry cordial to share with you today…

Did you grow up on all things Green Gables?

My grandmother fell in love, was married, and gave birth to my own mother on Prince Edward Island. Decades later, she would travel back from the west coast of the US regularly, to visit the generations of remaining relations on “the island”– her happy place. Consequently, I received an especially generous nudge towards Avonlea as a girl.

on display in my mother’s home

Imagine my delight at the opportunity to review Lorilee Craker’s exquisite new book, Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me: What My Favorite Book Taught Me about Grace, Belonging, & the Orphan in Us All.

Truth be told, upon learning of this adoption-centric book I unabashedly hunted down the author and publisher and brazenly petitioned for a copy, as it seemed so blatantly scripted with me in mind. It has exceeded my VERY high hopes…

Craker’s memoir is so poignantly relatable– I actually considered titling this blog post, “Anne with an ‘e’, Lorilee, & Me”, feeling so close a connection to the themes she shares. Lorilee invites the reader into Anne’s story, and her own story, insightfully revealing parallels betwixt us all. Most touchingly, she aids the reader in identifying the precious Dianas, Gilberts, and Matthews in their own life.

Her definition of orphan defies traditional stereotypes, which this adoptive Mama Bear especially appreciates. Her candor inspires me as I anticipate the delicate navigation of chapters in my son’s story yet to be written.

“Over the course of thousands of cuddles, hand holds, and forehead kisses, the neural notes become imprinted and shaped much the same way the PEI sea glass is sculpted by the eddies of the sea.” -Lorilee Craker

This has been one of those rare books requiring concerted effort to pace myself, for the sake of proper digestion, lest I consume it’s breadth in one ravenous gulp. Adoptive-mom, Anne Shirley-fan, or not, I enthusiastically recommend it.

serendipitous en route to visit grandma recently
adult coloring book for grandma’s recent birthday, click pic for link
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  1. Right? I sure wish I still had my VHS box set, like the author also mentions. I read the series to the girls about a year and a half ago, and we watched the films courtesy of the library, but Lorilee has inspired me to read the books again myself. 🙂

  2. I want to buy this book ASAP! But I know I’ll get it and it will sit on the shelf until Summer…oh June, where are you? Really makes me want to get out the movies though…

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