Confession time…

I’ve been M-I-A (<—never gets old) and all’s been quiet on the blogging front for two very specific reasons:

#1) I’m reading and reviewing another incredible book. It’s GOOD. Neglecting-all-housework-and-leaving-the-kids-to-forage-their-own-meals Good. Can’t-put-it-down-yet-deliberately-pacing-myself Good. I actually lamented to Handsome Husband yesterday that homeschooling was seriously imposing upon my leisure reading. I can’t wait to share all about it…*hint*…especially to my bosom friends.

even more embarrasingly

#2) Downton Abbey. ((sigh)) Bestie Elissa basically black-mailed me into finally watching. It’s so disgustingly popular that I had long held out with the stubborn indignation of an aged aristocrat.

Yesterday I sent the following text to my extorter:

Turns out it’s disgustingly popular for good reason. How bourgeoisie of me.

has anyone else noticed this? Tom = Sean Astin/Samwise Gamgee (and both resemble Handsome Husband)

The good news is I’ve managed to kick my People magazine habit.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back next week with a jubilant book review to share. In the meantime, some recent photographs of my blessed offspring…

pajama day at awanas #iheartdressup
assembling 4-H treats

4-H field trip

watching local skijorkers (google it)
a quintessentially montana sport

#15 = truth.


2 responses to “M-I-A”

  1. Yes! Hahaha His lordship sure does watch with me. It’s like a date-night in the bonus room after we put the kiddos to bed most evenings. 🙂

  2. First and foremost…please allow me to ask forgiveness for not knowing you had never seen Downton Abbey…this would have been remedied YEARS ago! Second, does “his lordship” actually watch with you? I’ve been trying to get Jason to watch with me (even offering to RE-watch old seasons with him…like that would be hard!). Third, can’t wait for the book review! You do realize I have no time to forsake all housework/homeschooling/mothering…go easy on us! And fourth, please, PLEASE tell your kids to stop growing! They are ridiculously cute and looking way too old! Remember, if your kids are older, mine are too! 😉

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