Year of the Monkey

It’s that time of year again– Chinese [lunar] New Year!

This coming Monday, the 8th, commences the Year of the Monkey. Festivities will be a touch piecemeal for our household this year –what with the Superbowl and all- but we will observe it nonetheless.

Husband put the kibosh on our usual floating lanterns, citing concern about fire hazard and being neighborly, or some such nonsense… so I set aside some sparklers to light Monday night, instead. He really is the ying to my yang, thanks be to God and pun intended.

I hope to tie in the monkey theme somehow, though definitely not Temple of Doom style…

The following are links to some of our Chinese New Year holidays from years past, including some of my tried-and-true recipes:

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Follow this link to a fun blog hop with a conglomerate of CNY posts, and click here for fun book suggestions on Chinese New Year for the kidlets.

Consider ringing in the year of the monkey alongside a hefty chunk of the world’s populous… If nothing else, pick up some Chinese takeout Monday and chow down with chopsticks.