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  • Love & Genetics (and a smattering of addt’l recent reads)

    Love & Genetics (and a smattering of addt’l recent reads)

    I was recently gifted a copy of an incredible dual memoir and new release, Love & Genetics. Once finally unearthed from my seemingly bottomless to-be-read stack, I devoured it in mere days. I found the joint authors’ journey captivating and long-lingering; their story struck & stuck with me in a way I find rare for…

  • Birthday Buddies

    Birthday Buddies



    Beginning 17 years ago when our first baby was due on his birthdate, Handsome Husband has graciously shared his birthday. Firstborn arrived late, but they’ll forever be birthday buddies. This year, for the first time in his life, he also shared it with Jesus! Easter [Resurrection Sunday] fell square on his day. Husband’s love language…

  • 60th Birthday Safari

    60th Birthday Safari

    To celebrate my dad turning sixty recently, we rented a giant passenger van and bumbled down the freeway to a nearby drive-thru safari park for a leisurely Sunday adventure. With my two sisters, brothers-in-law, and nieces, we’re such a big crew that journeying in one vehicle all day together was the real treat. We call…

  • Forever Fixin’

    Forever Fixin’



    I affectionately refer to my hubby as The Juggernaut, of comic book fame, because the guy NEVER. STOPS. MOVING. Running his business is demanding and tends to strap him to his desk, so when he finally leaves his home office he tends to rev up with seemingly unstoppable momentum. Besides daily blessing the family by…

  • Homecoming




    Now that they’re “traditional school” students, my kids are enjoying some new perks of their education. Most recently, our girls attended the highschool’s homecoming dance. Dates were obtained, dresses were bought, and —presumably— great fun and revelry was had. (I did not tag along.) I was told our Junior and her rowdy pack of pals…

  • Eye (Year) of the Tiger

    Eye (Year) of the Tiger

    Chinese [Lunar] New Year heralded the Year of the Tiger, and our family celebrated with a traditional themed feast featuring Tiger Shrimp, Orange Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork (heavy on the ORANGE bell peppers), Broccoli Beef, lo mein noodles, and fried rice, alongside a bevy of orange beverages and jasmine tea, with orange mango mochi,…

  • Christ Mas Wrap-Up

    Christ Mas Wrap-Up



    I’m a touch tardy in uploading our recent Christmas memories, but that’s only because it was a joyous season full of festivity that stretched out for weeks. ‘Twas a happy Christmas, afterall!

  • Mouseketeers


    We’ve just returned from a wee little piggyback onto my much older sister’s family Disney vacay. They’re hard-core Mouseketeers and do a full week in the parks, but we joined them alongside my folks for just two jam-packed days in the Mickey Mouse Club.

  • Beachy Keen

    Beachy Keen

    Towards the end of summer, Handsome Husband and I decided to tackle another big project. We purchased a fixer-upper at the coast as a getaway for our family and almost every weekend since we’ve been there pulling carpet, replacing light fixtures, repairing plumbing, updating electrical, laying floor, cleaning, painting, sifting, sorting, purging, assembling furniture, and…