D is for Dress-up

This week I’m jumping aboard A Net in Time & Hopkins Homeschool’s fun blog party. These teacher/mamas are blogging through the alphabet, and when the letter D rolled around I knew it was time to chime in…

In our homeschool the letter ‘D’ definitely, decidedly, unDeniably stands for DRESS-UP! (duh.)

Tropical Island Night at Awana tonight… or as I like to call it, here in the frozen tundra that is Montana, “Negligent Parent Night.” Especially a treat for our resident mermaid. Do kids in Hawaii instead dress up like eskimos?

It’s no secret that our family L-O-V-E loves to dress-up. (As For Me and My House, We Will Dress Up) Whether for a geography lesson, a holiday, immersion into a book series, or a career day, you can count on my kiddos to don home-spun costumes with gusto. This good ol’ fashioned fun brings to life our learnin’ in a creative and memorable way. Any excuse we get, dress-up is involved– heck, sometimes we don’t even need a reason!

Most recently we’ve focused our dress-up fervor on an upcoming musical production of The Wizard of Oz, which our girls each landed a part in. Preparations are coming along swimmingly as the performances draw near.

Brave Firstborn landed the role of Dorothy. Her Oz-loving Nana sent this dress via Amazon, and we crafted ruby slippers from an old pair of heels and a can of red glitter-spray.

practicing the trademark Dorothy hair

Center Sister has two parts and (oh bummer) two costumes:

The fortune teller…

bedazzled a turban from Amazon (thanks again, Nana!) w/a plastic gemstone from a pack of rings from the dollar store, god bless my hot glue gun forevermore

… and the wizard.

goodwill dress + dollar store st. patty’s day swag + trusty hot glue gun
= voila!
will add the green cape & gloves to finish the look

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Little Man scored some rockin’ new Bruce Lee nunchucks during the same dollar store visit.

At this year’s Awana Global Dress-Up Night the kids represented Mongolia, Kenya, & Switzerland. Little Man began to have second thoughts about the mustache just as this photo was snapped.

Perhaps we’re keen to visual or tactile learning, our innate learning styles the reason behind our zeal for dress-up? Regardless of rationale, it’s our jam.

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