Back to the Grind

To quote the incomparable Freddie Mercury, the show must go on.

In our house this, of course, means homeschool and regular activities.

multiplication, long division, & cabinet reorganization


and now back to your regularly scheduled program


team colors night at awanas. little sister wasn’t feeling it, she turns into a pumpkin at promptly 7:30 each night.

With a full week in the new house under our belts, we have decided that driving “into town” is a royal pain. We’ve done a bit of shuffling to consolidate our time away from home.

For instance, this Tuesday we had a jam-packed day: Field trip in the morning, then playground with fellow homeschoolers, PE just after noon, piano for both girls, flute lessons for the oldest, drop one to computers, retrieve the other from piano, then pick up the other from computers, only to realize I was driving on a flat tire.

field trip to the local fire station


though he adores fire engines, this was the nearest he was willing to get
why little man & I are rarely in pics: i’ve got the camera and he’s on my back

Though hectic, I’d still rather plan ahead, pack lunches, and squeeze it all in to two days a week, versus four. After all, it’s called HOME-school, not CAR-school, amiright?

Husband picked up Chinese takeout on his way home from work, obvi… from our new neighbors’ nearby restaurant. How cool is it that our new neighbors are also from China?!

We’ll fall into our groove again… eventually.



our new water softener, r2d2– because our toilet bowls are all stained orange from minerals already
obligatory psa: these darling tea towels are on clearance at target. you’re welcome.


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