Camera Roll Catch-up



Despite the near-constant flux of sub-contractors in and out of our construction zone of a new house (and peering into our windows, like that scene from the classic 1980’s film The Money Pit*), things are starting to normalize around here…

the weather has been amazing… and here i thought it was february in montana
my view from the dentist’s chair. it was adorable when the young hygienist w/o kids asked me about my flossing habits.
big girls
and a happy valentine’s day to you, as well
spelling sentences
fun w a sheepskin
that girl and her imagination
“mermaids are pretty smart, you know…”


chicks, man
teaching the kids about disco, courtesy of gloria gaynor– right before the plumber walked in on us
why we decided to paint the girls’ beds. thanks amazon.
the girls’ room shall henceforth be referred to as the hibler room, as these are bestie valerie’s signature colors– a combo which i’m fairly confident she has trademarked
wrapping up the winter basketball season


these two girls worked their tails off and improved so much. hashtag, proudmama

*My Oregon friend, The Dalai Mama, recently reminded me of this film, with her hilarious Money Pit posts. And I thought I had it bad.


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